We ask the team of 'professional colleges': 'campus partying do' and 'donn'

You'll probably find yourself at school. This is a great way to release couples, and many will argue that a good portion of rowdiness is part of a well-balanced college experience, because they are usually cheaper than partying at the bar and clubs off campus, and you get the chance to communicate with people who actually go to your school (there are no people), and if you live on campus, you don't have to worry about how you're going home

However, we cannot support the parties on campus without any wisdom on how to do this

That's why we sat down with four of the best event programmers on campus

" You have a school with 18,000 people, you can take every opportunity to meet people. You can meet friends or people who can get work on the line, or both. During the first two months of the school, most of the people who come to the event come as individuals. Just because you don't know someone doesn't mean you're not having fun. " -Baldeep Randhawa " Log out and try several events and several new things. It's a great opportunity to meet new people. You never know what you're missing " -Deborah Lam "We have 4-year-old students every year who says," I wish I had known about it, I'd like to be involved in the past. " Treat the school as if it was a full-time job. " Curtis Bell " In fact, I missed most of my events to get into the mall. I was very sorry that when I was talking about my dorm, I was fully aware of how well these things were. I miss something I can't take anymore. " -Deborah Lam Find out where your money goes " I think the best thing that most students can do is check the website of your student union after the events and find out what resources are available. Contact community resources and start creating your resume. Student unions exist to make you a success. " Curtis Bell " Sometimes students think that events are taking place outside the school, so they spend money on tickets that are more expensive than they can be for events in the city. Find out about the important things that your SU offers on campus. You may not know that they have a power bank or a halk home program. It's actually your student fees. " -Deborah Lam Leaving a friend behind " Something more general? Just like forgetting that you had a boyfriend. People who ended up falling asleep in the rose bushes or in the gardens. It happens a lot. " -Al Legault Golf cards ..." They have to stop fucking my golf clubs! Not cool, man. If you're going to take them for a walk, at least don't break 'em up and bring' em back! " -Al Legault " The reason I'm not doing penoplasty is, it's a day in Sheridan, we did one and there was a group that just got a little bit of an uncut-was this half-inflatable lock filled with foam, and these guys decided to jump in, and they cut off their skulls. Pretty stupid. Students can just enjoy the fun. " -Baldeep Randhawa " One day, we had one student, covered a bunch of newspapers and took them out in the elevator to fill it with smoke. Maybe it was the stupidest thing I've ever done. " -Al Legault " Some of the dummies? It may be in the middle of the field in which the school property is located and well lit, and he has cameras all over the place. " (ALL) " Many early years themselves are themselves. But they still have to act like a human being. All the laws applied in public operate on campus. " Social media " Use social media to get out and meet people. We have many students who join us [ Student Union] and other students using their social network profiles. " -Al Legault " One day someone stole four tents from our supplier and then installed them in his place, took photographs and placed them on social media. It was pretty stupid. " Curtis Bell Get some alcohol on campus." As soon as students move away from home, they have this concept or idea that ordinary laws simply do not exist. School, not like a foreign country, you have to follow all the same laws. So there's not enough research in school policy. Many people think that you can just walk with open alcohol. " Curtis Bell The grass on campus " Marijuana is a big man who, according to people, is just a fine to do everywhere. I think it's because the Prime Minister said they're working on legalization, but it's still illegal, provincial and federally, and you certainly can't smoke it on campus. " -Al Legault

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