How to survive in a big city

When you wake up to the sirens, you pull the curtains to greet the brick wall of the building next door. Eyes down, hands in your pockets, ears in your ears, you have prepared a road to a coffee shop, where you will wait until you are in a hurry with the morning drying. Today, a homeless man asks you a dollar, and when you mutt that you only have plastic, he calls you a communist (what?). You haven't done that in your class yet. You're new to town, and you don't know anyone

Urban life is strange

This is how to make a fire (metaphorically)

Find the most essential you need. If you don't have the laundry in the kit, the laundry room is within walking distance. Is there a place between you and a school where you can work part-time? Can you get to the grocery store? You need to display these requirements first. You don't want to panic

Then find out where the hotspots are. Best cafes, restaurants, bookstores, etc. Find something in the area you love. Is there a comic book store or a clothing store? Look for places that settle the chaos around you and give you reason to fall in love with this neighborhood. They are beautiful spots to find similar souls and create social interaction

If you don't have much information about your potential new "capsule" and you go to the blind, you can use Google Maps Street View or ask a friend who lives in your new city to fix you

The shit's about to be real. It will be very big and loud. People will look like medium and hasty

Shame yourself, mentally

The shit's about to be real. It will be very big and loud. People will look like medium and hasty. It's gonna be an adjustment, and I'm not going into a sugar jacket for you. The move from one city to another is rather strange, but a big city from a small town will be a huge change.

Be prepared for that. Know that this will be different, more chaotic and more sensitive than you are used to. Urban life, for some

Even if you don't know, on whose side you ordered a bagel in a café on the street, be brave, suck it up and go in there. When you have to ask the way to the bathroom at the restaurant around the corner

Perhaps your favourite cup of coffee will be unloved

You're new here, and everybody was new. It could be a hard try to put pressure on and try new things. Perhaps your favourite cup of coffee will be unloved

It may be scary to live or even ride around a new city, but you will learn your way, I promise. You will know how to use the north and which train to take to the cinema, and which route is the fastest rush hour. She'll be dealing with trial and error. That's not the second nature

Stay informed, don't be afraid

I don't think you're an idiot, but I still feel like I have to say it

It doesn't mean "afraid."That means "need to know." Cheesy an AF, but the truth. Be careful, but don't be afraid. Not every one of them wants to ruin everything, and you don't have to worry about what happens around every corner, but someone might. If it isn't, don't do it

You can be surrounded by people and be amaze that you don't know anyone, and they don't know you. You feel that you disconnected, as if it were you and they

Still not working?

Make an effort to get together. You can join the club or volunteer. Complete your time with actions that will introduce you to people with common interests, but make sure that you also spend enough time in denial

If you feel lucky and isolated in a big city, you need to think for some time about why you feel like you feel that way.  If you feel that you're low, because you're still getting your base, give her time. If you have a low level of experience, this experience has strengthened it

In the case of chronic loneliness, the above article calls for cognitive therapy, which has also been useful for people suffering from anxiety, depression and eating disorders. The therapy is to gain access to basic issues and to explore new patterns of behaviour that offer more positive thoughts. A quick search for consultations next to you, if you choose to use this option, will turn into several clinics

So you know your way to the city, and you can order any drink from any coffee shop with confidence. If you feel confident in the city, you can think of yourself as local

This may take some time, but you'll get used to noise, bricks, and eye contact. You have friends, tips, tricks. Pass it on, grasshopper, and do whatever it takes to make the next round hope to feel at home

We're all in this madness together

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Michelle Wittmore

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