Best Pre Workout Drink for Females

When you’re out and about scouring the web for the best pre-workout drink for females, don’t forget to make sure that you understand all of the most important aspects of such a supplement!

You don’t want to focus on the wrong things and get yourself an ineffective, over-priced, and unreliable product that is just going to make you frustrated and demotivated.

A great article I found on the web which explains all of the necessary things to pick a best pre-workout shake for females is one that comes from this

Not only does it explain what ingredients these supplements usually contain, but it also provides you with a list of the best pre-training enhancers for women that you can currently find on the market.

I was surprised by the depth of information and its presentation. It’s all given in a very concise, clear, and simple manner that even I could understand – and I’m not one of the bright ones, I’ll be the first to admit!

I’ll try to paraphrase below some of the key point that I learned from reading this and various other articles, and give you some idea of what to expect when you’re out and about choosing the best type of supplement for yourself!

I’m not sure where to begin, so I’ll start with the benefits!

Pre-exercise boosters are for people who want to increase their performance in the gym. Or while doing any other type of strenuous physical activity, like hiking, canoeing, jogging, sprinting, mountain climbing, skiing, and so on, and so forth.

They simply let you perform at your best for longer, without getting tired as fast, and without feeling too much fatigue and muscle soreness.

They also help you recover after those workouts and make sure that you’re feeling fresh, strong, and energetic enough the following day, to meet your new challenges head on!

Not only that, but the best pre-workout drinks for females often contain ingredients that help with building, maintaining, and toning your muscles, which means that you won’t get bulky, but instead get a lean, slim, and toned physique that most fitness and bikini models crave!

It will give you curves and bumps in all the right places, without making you look like a gorilla on steroids!

Also, pretraining boosters aid you in your fat loss and weight management efforts. They contain certain ingredients that improve your metabolism, making you burn a much larger number of calories throughout your day than you normally would. They also contain stimulants that increase your body’s thermogenic effect, which increases your body’s ability to burn extra calories while resting. There’s also an indirect fat loss effect as you will be able to work out for much longer, and perform much heavier and harder type of exercises than you normally would, without feeling too tired or out of it. This will make sure that you burn more calories while training, and burn more fat doing so, as certain ingredients improve the lipid conversion to energy, and prioritize fats for that energy instead of protein and carbohydrates that you get from food.

And finally, pre-workouts for women also make sure that you stay focused on the task at hand – in this case your exercise. They contain various nootropic substances and natural ingredients that not only lift your mood and increase motivation, but sharpen your focus and make sure that you actually do the work you’re supposed to while you are training.

As you can see, there is no shortage of awesome and amazing health and fitness benefits from taking the best pre-workout drink for females. If you’re someone who’s starting out, these supplements will make sure that you don’t give up too early and that you actually have the energy and power necessary to lift heavy and do more cardio.

If you’re someone who’s already an advanced bodybuilder or athlete, these pre-exercise boosters will significantly improve your performance because you’ll have enough energy and focus to push those few extra reps, run that extra mile, and get to our training goals faster.

It almost seems like I’m gushing, like I’m a total fan of these type of products – and I am. That’s because when you pick the right one – you’ll be astonished by how great they work and by how effective they are at letting you train for as long as you want and see your results faster!

So, now I’m going to tell you about all the most common ingredients that these products contain!

The most common one is Citrulline Malate. You may have heard of it if you’re into fitness, but most people don’t even know of its existence.

Essentially, this ingredient enhances your performance by allowing you to perform strenuous tasks and exercise for longer periods of time than you normally would. It also keeps the blood ammonia levels low, which prevents your body from creating too much lactic acid and make your muscles sore when recovering.

It also improves the health of your arteries and heart – essentially improving your whole cardiovascular system. Your overall cardio performance will increase and your blood pressure will be much lower than normal during physical activities, which results in better heart and artery function.

And finally, it increases the blood flow to your muscles, improving how fast they get oxygen and other nutrients. This also increases cellular volume of your muscles, making them look more defined and toned.

Another awesome ingredient that’s frequently used in the best pre-workout drink for females is Betaine.

This amino acid also has great health benefits and it helps in fighting various heart diseases and other issues, improving your body’s composition, helping promote fat loss, muscle gain, and provide you with more energy.

It strongly promotes the protein synthesis process in your body and helps with recovery afterwards.

Then we have Beta-Alanine, which is another amino acid that provides great benefits. It, along with Citrulline Malate and Betaine make up the three most common ingredients in all of the best pre-workout drinks for females and males.

Beta-Alanine’s efficacy lies in the fact that it raises your muscle’s carnosine concentrations, which directly improves your performance and gains.

It boosts explosive muscular strength, power output, and increases muscle growth. It also improves your aerobic and anaerobic endurance, which means that you’ll have the capacity to train for much longer and harder than you normally would.

However, if your supplement includes Beta-Alanine, make sure that it also includes the amino acid Taurine.

Taurine is indescribably important for the proper function of you whole body as it plays a key role in many different metabolic and other processes that your body goes through each and every day.

And it’s not just a supporting amino acid – it provides incredible health benefits of its own! These include better keeping a proper balance of hydration and electrolytes in the cells of your body, forming of bile salts which are critical in proper digestion of food in your stomach, regulating various minerals and their function within your cells, supporting your nervous, cardiovascular, immune system, and your eyes!

And it also has some very distinct benefits for athletes and bodybuilders – and anyone who is interested in becoming fit and healthy.

It causes your muscles to work harder and longer. It increases the power at which they contract, producing more force and strength. It removes various waste and toxic products that your muscles leave after metabolizing energy, which can cause various issues like fatigue and muscle burn if not properly disposed.

It also protects your muscles and other tissue from oxidative stress which causes various cell damage.

And finally, it helps you lose weight faster by increasing the fat burning effect during exercise.

How’s that for a benefit list?

Now let’s talk about my personal favorite stimulant, and one of the most common ingredients in most efficient and powerful pre-training shakes for females – caffeine!

Boy, do I love coffee! Don’t you? It perks me right up in the morning, gets my senses in order, and lets me wake up faster and become more productive later. It’s like the fuel of my existence, to be honest.

And there are a lot of people like me who love their javas! Caffeine is one of the most abundant stimulants on the planet, and I don’t think I have to explain to you what kind of impact it as on not just your general alertness, but also on your fitness goals.

It increases your metabolism, ignites a very strong thermogenic effect which heats up your whole body and makes you burn more fat and calories. It also zaps your central nervous system like nothing else, and makes sure that you’re not tired, sleepy, or dazed. It helps your brain focus on the task at hand, and also provides a myriad of various other beneficial health effects.

However, if you’re not someone who easily tolerates caffeine, or if you don’t happen to like it at all – there are usually stimulant-free pre-workout options available to get, so don’t worry!

So – what else have I missed?

So far, I think I have mentioned most of the main ingredients that these types of pre-training enhancers for women tend to contain, even though there are over 20 different ones that I still haven’t mentioned.

That’s because it is up to each and every manufacturer to decide for themselves what type of compounds and blends they are going to include in their supplement.

You see, when you are making a pre-training enhancer, its efficacy highly depends on not just each individual ingredient, but also the synergy between all of the compounds.

It means that, for example, certain stimulants are going to go better with other certain nootropics, and certain vitamins and nutrients are going to be much more efficient if they are combined with all of the different main ingredients that I have just mentioned.

As an example, if you combine Caffeine with Citrulline Malate – it’s going to provide you with a whole bunch of different effects, raise your performance levels, keep you awake, and help you stay focused on your training.

However, if you combine, for example, Synephrine, which is another sort of stimulant that is very similar to Caffeine, with Citrulline Malate – it is going to provide your body with a whole different set of health benefits and performance enhancing effects.

You won’t feel as wired with Synephrine, and you will feel much less jitters and other uncomfortable effects usually accompanied with Caffeine. But you won’t become as focused on your task and it won’t lift your mood as much as Caffeine would do – so, for optimal effects and benefits, you would have to make sure that your pre-exercise booster contains some other type of nootropic, one which raises your focus and improves your motivation.

And that’s what makes choosing the best pre-workout drink for females a very difficult proposition. It would take a scientist with incredible knowledge in physiology, anatomy, and diet and nutrition, to sift through all of the different ingredients, blends, and compounds, and explain which work better than others.

And that’s exactly why it’s best to look up a knowledgeable website or forum which does all of the work and presents you with their findings in an efficient and very easy to understand manor.

So – let me just end this with what you came here for – my top 5 list of the best pre-workout drinks for females.

I’ll keep it short and sweet, and tell you what products I personally think are the current best in the world.

  1. Transparent Labs PreSeries LEAN Pre-Workout
  2. FitMiss Delight
  3. HIT Igniter Women’s Pre-Workout
  4. Optimum Nutrition Pre-Workout
  5. Gym Angel: Energy Angel

These are my personal favorites, even though my number one and number four picks are not actually pre-workout supplements that are designed solely for females.

But that does not matter, because they are undoubtedly incredibly good, efficient, and provide you with awesome results in a very short amount of time – given that you’re going to also train hard and eat right!

Transparent Labs Pre Series LEAN Pre-Workout stands a full head above the rest because it’s incredibly clean, contains a lot of very good ingredients at large and clinically tested doses, and contains no harmful or unnecessary ingredients at all!

I’d recommend it above everything else as a first choice – but the remaining four are also pretty good and should be tried if you can’t afford or don’t want the number one pick.

Good luck with your training, and may you reach your fitness goals as fast as humanly possible, without losing your motivation!

Guarana Supplements – Health Benefits and Side-Effects

Guarana or ‘paullinia cupana’ is extracted from a Brazilian bush in South America, with the seeds having similar effects to that of caffeine. These seeds are recognised to contain several natural stimulants, such as guaranine, theobromine and caffeine.

Health Benefits of Guarana Supplements

Guarana is known in its native Brazil by locals as the ‘food of the gods’ and has been identified to have some key benefits. In Sports Supplements, Bean  highlights that guarana supplements may help increase endurance and exercise performance, although this is believed to be down to the high levels of caffeine found within guarana. It is important to not be fooled by the ‘natural’ labels on guarana-based products, as natural products have side-effects, in the same way as other medications.

In The Essential Guide to Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Supplements, Brewer identifies health benefits relating to guarana, as follows:

  • Increases physical energy
  • Boosts mental energy
  • Relieves fatigue
  • Improves stress responses
  • Helps prevent jet lag
  • Reduces abnormal blood clotting on flights
  • Improves mood, memory and cognition

However, as guarana is a restricted substance within certain sports, it is best not to try using guarana supplements before checking with a coach. The recommended dose of guarana supplements is one gram per day. Guarana is also present in some foods and drinks, such as in a type of Boost chocolate bar, available in the UK.

Guarana Supplements – Side-Effects

Despite the claims of being a natural product, guarana supplements and extracts may result in the same side-effects which are typically associated with high caffeine intake. In additon, as guarana supplements come in pill form, it is easy to end up taking higher doses (potentially causing multiple side-effects) than drinking the equivalent in cups of coffee. Bean acknowledges side-effects associated with taking guarana supplements, as follows:

  • Anxiety
  • Trembling
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart palpitations

Therefore, although guarana may help to improve both mood and mental energy, it is clear that a person suffering from the possible side-effect of anxiety, is unlikely to also have a positive mood. Rather than purchasing guarana supplements it is probably significantly simpler and certainly much less expensive to have a cup of tea or coffee, both of which contain caffeine.

As highlighted above, guarana supplements may be natural, but can result in several side-effects, such as anixety, headaches, insomnia and palpitations. Key health benefits associated with taking guarana supplements, include that it helps reduce jet lag, results in increased energy levels, improved cognition and reduction in abnormal blood clotting on flights.

Do Fat Loss Supplements Work? The Truth About Dieting Supplements

Individuals who are struggling with their weight will often try anything in order to shed the extra pounds.

The fat loss supplement industry brings in millions of dollars each year because of the individuals willing to try those supplements to lose weight.

But, do fat loss supplements work? Below, individuals will find the truth about dieting supplements.

Herbal Fat Burning Supplements

There are many different types of herbal supplements that are advertised as fat burners, but many individuals just aren’t sure whether they’re worth the money.

The skepticism isn’t wasted, because the FDA doesn’t regulate herbal fat burners. It can be difficult to tell whether the ingredients that are actually in the supplements are correctly represented on the label.

Whether or not the pills actually work is also a difficult question to answer, because many don’t contain enough of the active herb to actually burn fat.

Fat Burning Pills

There are other types of fat loss supplements as well, including pills that contain caffeine, ephedrine and other substances known to help the body burn fat.

Most of these pills contain ingredients that may actually help the body convert fat into energy, but a lot of the pills cause health concerns.

For instance, this is why Ephedrine was taken out of so many cough and cold medications – because of the health risks.

Even supplements that claim to have been clinically tested could have been tested on animals…there is just no way to tell for sure. It is dangerous to take supplements when the potential risks are unknown because of a lack of testing and clinical studies.

Consider the Side Effects and Health Risks of Fat Loss Supplements

There are quite a few fat-burning supplements that may cause side effects and come with potential health risks. This might include feeling nervous, jittery, light-headed, dizzy and more. Unfortunately, there is no sure way to tell whether a diet supplement is safe or not since the FDA does not approve most. One can read reviews to see how the supplement has affected others, but individuals should understand that the makers of the pills could easily create reviews under fake accounts as part of a marketing plan.

Check Reviews of Dieting Supplments That Are Honest

Image with review stars

Individuals should seek honest reviews of dieting supplements by individuals who are not paid to review the products.

This way, one can get unbiased information about whether or not the pills work and whether the individuals have experienced any side effects that have resulted from the supplements.

There are many different reviews available online, but it’s important to find unbiased reviews, such as those found at

Honest reviews can help individuals determine whether the pills have actually worked to burn fat or boost metabolism in other individuals.

It can also help them determine whether they truly want to try the diet supplements or not. Seek out honest reviews of fat burning supplements online or in fitness magazines.

By using the information above, individuals can learn the truth about fat burning supplements. This information will help those individuals learn whether or not they should try the pills and whether the pills will be helpful in a diet regimen.

Important note: Please contact your physician or medical professional before beginning any weight loss program.